Our Core Values

WHO WE ARE: Our core values aren't just lip service. They aren't a set of house rules or guidelines posted on a back of the house wall. Our core values tell the story of who we are as individuals and as a restaurant. They are the fabric of Commonwealth and woven throughout our family and our space. Throughout this week, we will share those values with each of you, the community that continues to support us every day. Want to know more about our team culture? Read our most recent employee newsletter. 

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Friend Makers

At our core, we are Friend Makers. If you were sitting alone in the cafeteria, you can bet we would pull up a chair next to you. We work as a tight knit crew some would describe as a family. We make fast and furious friends with our guests, making the second time around feel like we've known each other forever.

Creators in Craftsmanship

We are Creators in Craftsmanship. We build things from scratch with a freedom to create, using our imagination and unique perspectives. We understand the craft that goes into our products and are artful with our approach to food, service, and hospitality. Even beyond the walls of our restaurants, we are creators in life — making music, running small businesses, screen printing, baking, writing, and plant raising.


True to Ourselves

We are True to Ourselves. When it would be easier to go low, we go high. We act with integrity and we treat our guests, our partners, our teammates, and our community the way we would want to be treated. We have high standards for ourselves, our work, our teammates, and our products. We are open-minded and always learning.

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We are Connectors. We fuse old and new; we are inspired by the past; and we use creative thought to imagine possibilities for the future. We respect those who came before us and want to be the leaders that make change for tomorrow.

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Curators of Experience

We are Curators of Experience. We strive to provide an experience guests can only experience at Commonwealth. We treat our front door like the front door to our home. We create food and serve experiences that we would want for ourselves. We help guests celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, family dinners, and more, and we provide a space and setting to slow down and break bread together.

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Community Builders

We are Community Builders. We relish in what it means to be a Kentuckian at its northern point. With connections to farmers and a community in Ohio, Indiana, and our Kentucky cities to the west, east, and south, we celebrate a unique view. We embrace our neighborhood, city, and state. We also define community beyond geography, being mindful of how we engage our diverse community of guests, teammates, farmers, and fellow entrepreneurs.

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Knowledge Seekers

We are Knowledge Seekers. We each bring a special skill set to our team, sharing a diverse array of talents that make the Commonwealth experience unique for our guests. We are experts in our own areas, sharing our knowledge from a humble place with others. We have a hunger to deeply understand the art and science of what we do and strive to continually improve.