The Commonwealth family is looking for new members that have experience with fine dining and want to work in an unpretentious, team-focused culture. We believe that respect for food, each other, and our guests is top priority. We are looking for individuals with a passion for service and life long learning. Apply for this position. 

The Host is responsible for coordinating and managing all reservations, guest assistance, guest needs and the flow of guests in and out of the restaurant.

Primary Duties:            

  • Uphold Commonwealth values while performing position responsibilities.
  • Adhere to Commonwealth policies and procedures, as stated in the company handbook.
  • Promote teamwork within the restaurant, creating a positive work environment.
  • Attend the pre-shift family meal prior to scheduled shift.
  • Organize greeting, seating and exiting of all guests using the highest level of hospitality.
  • Organize all reservations and guests using the most effective guest and restaurant conscious procedures.
  • Professionally and effectively communicate with guests to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Maintain guest relationships to promote repeat business.
  • Implement quick and efficient decisions based on guest and/or restaurant needs.
  • Awareness of all guests’ needs, reservation needs and restaurant needs at all times.
  • Create and maintain a database with local partners.
  • Utilize Open Table to the best of its capacities.
  • Facilitate guest communication verbally, handwritten and digitally.


  • Able to communicate professionally and effectively with both guests and staff
  • Must have strong computer skills
  • Interest or experience in social media a plus
  • Possess a proven track record for guest satisfaction
  • Be a team player that is invested and passionate about their work
  • Must be able to handle multiple trips up and down stairs

Education and Experience:
High School diploma
Fine dining experience preferred