Farmers + Producers

Each menu item is made from local ingredients which means when you support Commonwealth Bistro, you are also supporting local farmers and makers. Meet some of the farmers we works with.

Carriage House Farms 

Established in 1855 we have been single-family owned for five generations. We grow fresh produce, herbs, grains, and honey and supply local area restaurants, retailers, and food services.  Carriage House Farm is host to a series of on-farm dinners and local food events throughout the year.



Deeper Roots is striving for excellence in ethical sourcing and crafting of specialty coffees. Their commitment to this excellence starts by partnering with communities of small coffee farmers and trying to improve their quality of life through the purchase of their coffee and collaboration on quality improvement. They have learned over the years that just because coffee is grown well and roasted well, doesn’t always mean it mean it is represented well in the cup. With that in mind, they take the way their coffees are prepared very seriously, and intentionally brew, serve, and share them so their clarity and complexity shine.


Garden Grove Organics

Garden Grove Organics is a business devoted to a better way to grow plants and produce--sans chemicals. 


Madhouse vinegars

Vinegar has been a key building block of flavor in the culinary world and an essential item in the home pantry. Quality vinegar, vinegar that reflected a region's culture and its food industry was fairly common one-hundred and fifty years ago.  Today those vinegar are rare, lost in a sea of large scale companies that most commonly use corn and wood pulp to produce vinegar that has had flavors added to it to represent just a few common types of vinegar. The MadHouse Vinegar Co. wants to reintroduce quality vinegar to the Central Ohio River Valley. 


Kennys Farmhouse Cheese

We have been on this land in the hills of Barren County, KY since 1976 and have been making cheese with our own cows milk since 1998. We make several styles of cheese on our farm – from classics like White Cheddar and Gouda that we started with almost 20 years ago – to original cheeses that are now celebrated as signature offerings nationwide. Whatever cheeses you grew up on, chances are we make a high quality version of it that will satisfy that childhood craving.


Martin Hill Farms

Our goal in operating a farm is to contribute to the preservation of our local farmlands and small family farms that produce healthy food for local consumers. We recognize and seek to address the need for small family farming operations to be able to generate the income from farming operations necessary to be able to sustain and prosper from their operations. We hope to educate local consumers about the importance of their consistent support of our small family farms and about the consequences of our current food systems and infrastructure for our planet, our society and our health.

Small Businesses + PartnerShips

We are mindful of where we can support local businesses like us. We are better together. Check out our community. 

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Flower & Earth

100% Natural Handmade Bar Soaps. Our soaps start with a vegan base we make from scratch that cleans and pampers the entire body and creates a lot of gentle lather. As our company has evolved, we have added to the line of products a collection of soaps for different skin types and purposes.

The bathroom soap at Commonwealth was specially formulated by Amanda of Flower & Earth Soaps. The scent created for our guests was inspired by our team's love for nature, foraging, and hiking at the Red River Gorge. 

Great Parks of Hamilton County

Great Park’s mission is to preserve and protect natural resources and to provide outdoor recreation and education in order to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.

Each Anniversary we give our team a yearly park pass to over 21 Nature Preserves and Parks.


Think Tank Floatation & Wellness

Think Tank Flotation is a place for the senses. They facilitate Flotation tanks and stress management info for the Northern KY / Cincinnati area. Spend time in a Reduced Environmental Stimulus Tank and you can come out refreshed, refocused and with less stress.

Floatation sessions are a Commonwealth employee perk as part of our Employee Care Program. 


Allegiant Brand Leather

Anthony Kincheloe began his pursuit of the leather working trade over ten years ago, and now owns and operates Allegiant Brand Leather in the heart of Tucson, Arizona. Purposing top grain vegetable tanned oiled leather with the goal of exposing its beauty and versatility, each product is cut, tooled, designed, assembled and stitched lovingly by hand. 

Commonwealth's beverage binders were handmade by Anthony. 

Otto Printing

Otto Printing in Newport Kentucky is one of the oldest print shops in Northern Kentucky, specializing in all forms of printing, from letterpress to digital.