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Family Style

Treat your guests to barbeque that blends the time-honored traditions of Kentucky and the Carolinas. Along with signature heritage pork, and Hill Farms chicken, dive into southern classics like Kenny’s Farmhouse Mac-n- Cheese and sides made from seasonal farmer’s produce. Whether you’re throwing a party or hosting a meeting, we’ll make your event memorable with a menu.


Number of people: 20-50 people
Cost: $40 a head (Tax and gratuity excluded)



CHOICE OF Heritage Hog BBQ with Carolina Sauce

OR Grilled Hill Farms Chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce


Anson Mills Baked Sea Island Red Peas

Carriage House Farms Cornbread

Carolina Hot Slaw with Martin Hill Farms Brassicas

Union Bloom Lettuce Salad with Antebellum Benne Vinaigrette

Baked Grits with Kenny’s Farmhouse Smoked Gouda and Pickled Jalapeno



Salted Honey Pie with Buttermilk Gelato

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